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General Questions

Chiropractic is a natural, drug-free method of health care that addresses the causes of the problem, instead of treating the symptoms. Your headache is not caused by a Panadol deficiency, nor is your muscle pain caused by an anti-inflammatory deficiency.

Chiropractic will identify and address the reason you are in pain. Many people are unaware that pain can be caused by their daily routine and movement patterns. If spinal movement and joint health is compromised, degeneration and consequent pain can soon follow.

Through a series of adjustments and lifestyle modifications, we will help you heal yourself naturally, fast and effectively. Click here for more information on how a chiropractic adjustment works.

The actual chiropractic adjustment is normally very comfortable and painless.

Other therapeutic modalities like trigger point therapymyofascial release work, and IASTM may feel sore and achy when an injured area is treated. In our experience, soft tissue soreness and discomfort fade away very quickly when our patients follow their prescribed treatment plans and rehab exercises.

A: Some of the more common conditions that Dr Luke typically treats include scoliosis, slipped discs, neck and backache, headaches, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, and jaw pain.
A: There is no way to cure scoliosis once the individual’s spinal bones fuse and become adult bones, which is usually at age 18. At this late stage, the main aim of Chiropractic is to offer pain relief, and to correct muscular and postural imbalances. Prior to age 18, Dr Luke will be able to identify and measure any scoliosis in your child, and give the proper treatment plan and advice. Dr Luke is trained in the SpineCor method of bracing, as well as the SpineCor exercise method. Please speak to Dr Luke for more information about scoliosis.
A: The rate of recovery varies with age and lifestyle. It is impossible to give a definite answer because some individuals could have very demanding work/life schedules that could be a continual source of injury, which could delay, or even cause more injury. When you visit us, we will assess your condition and give you a treatment plan, as well as an estimated time-frame for recovery.
A: Chiropractic has been ranked as the most effective treatment for back pain by numerous independent organizations. Some people have a pre-existing neck defect that may make them more prone to injury or stroke, following any form of manipulation, massages, and traction. The rate of incidence is approximate 1 in 6million. This is why we perform a very detailed and comprehensive history and examination on you BEFORE your first Chiropractic Adjustment. This means you have higher odds of getting struck by lightning, than getting injured by an adjustment.

A: Yes! In fact, with the added stress on the joints and the spine, it is especially important to get adjusted on a regular basis when you’re pregnant! It is completely safe, and has been shown to reduce labor time, prevent a potential cesarean delivery, and even has an 82% success rate in turning breech babies!

A: Absolutely! Not only is Chiropractic safe, it is also beneficial for children as well as for adults. Dr Luke has the skill and experience to modify his technique to suit the age and stature of the patient. Dr Luke’s youngest patient is 2 years old, and his oldest is over 90!
A: For most cases, you cannot be manipulated at the site of your surgery by anyone, for at least 8-12 weeks after it was performed. The Chiropractor would have to evaluate you to give a more accurate answer.

A: Depending on lifestyle, in order to maintain optimal function and health of the spine, many of our existing patients opt to return approximately 6-12 times per year. Patients who have a very stressful and demanding lifestyle, as well as those who exercise a lot and want to optimize their level of health, may come slightly more frequently than that. The absence of pain does NOT mean the absence of disease or problems. Your symptoms could be mild, tolerable, or even sub-clinical. We at AGAPE, strive to bring you to optimal health and wellness, instead of only remaining “symptom-free,” or merely “not sick.”

A: We do not indiscriminately send everyone who visits us for a new set of X-rays. Dr. Luke will decide if X-rays are needed after taking a detailed history, and performing a thorough examination on you. Hence, you will only be sent for X-rays if Dr. Luke deems it clinically necessary to do so.