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Jom Yang, Business Owner

背部的疼痛折磨了我一年多,看了很多医生,签了很多配套,都没有用。呼吸,打喷嚏,转头,背部都会隐隐作痛。我今年才26岁,我真的很担忧,不知道自己是不是得了疾病?我的担忧让我自己有些精神紧张,我怕自己要做手术,我害怕去医院开刀。每天的心理的害怕担忧多过我身体的疼痛。有一次通过朋友介绍DR HO,抱着试试看的心里,DR HO 帮忙我检查,说我的肋骨移动了位子,帮忙我调整了大概10多分钟,让我大大力呼吸,一点都不痛了,但是我觉得应该是暂时的,就回家休息休息看看,现在两天过去了我都没有痛,我真的不敢相信,一个让我痛苦1年多的疼痛,居然通过10 多分钟的调节好了。我非常感谢你DR HO,你不只是治好了我背部的疼痛,更治好了我内心的担忧。我感谢你,感恩让我遇到你,谢谢你DR HO.



Went to Dr Luke for my old injury in my lower back pain due to a bad fall, which had been troubling me for years: settled in 5 sessions. Should have met him first instead of spending thousands for physiotherapy. He ended up fixing almost every other part of my body. Fixed the tension in my head due to teeth grinding/clenching (which i don’t even know I had), he did some facial muscle… (i don’t know what he calls it) my face ends up looking slimmer + balancing left and right, saved me a trip to go Korea. Fixed my lopsided shoulder. Fixed my life-long problem of forever cramping calves. Fixed my shortness of breath which I thought was due to being fat or having a heart problem. Taught me how to stretch specific muscles. He’s a good doctor to consult regarding your fitness level and sports injuries. Willing to spend time to talk to you. *Warning* pleasant to talk to and look at, might get addictive. I don’t usually write reviews but this guy is really good at what he’s doing!


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