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Gerard Chia, Violin Teacher
“Since my first visit to address all my aches and pains caused by long hours of violin playing, Agape clinic has become my first stop clinic for anything medical. Dr Ho’s knowledge is extensive and his diagnosis can be easily understood by a layman. I highly recommend this clinic if you are looking for a chiropractor.”

Joni Tan, Ballet Teacher
“Being a ballet teacher means spending long hours on my feet; walking around the studio to check individual student’s technique, bending or kneeling to correct them, and dancing to demonstrate exercises. I experienced various aches and pains through muscle imbalances, and I decided to try visiting Dr Luke based on a fellow dancer teacher’s recommendation.

The first visit felt like magic, with my range in motion increased by active release massage and manipulation. Dr Luke was able to explain my problems in simple terms, and I found my sessions with him very educational. He taught me exercises and taping techniques to help me strengthen weak areas, and has also generously given me advice on nutrition. If you’re looking for a professional yet friendly and approachable chiropractor to help you with your injuries or various pain, Agape Chiropractic is the place to be!”

Muzdalifah Mustapa, Operations Personnel
“I found Dr Luke’s practice online and after several months of experiencing the most severe back ache and sciatic nerve pain (due to herniated discs), I decided to pay him a visit. It was not easy for me to walk from the car park to the clinic without a walking stick. Ever since the first visit, I felt an immediate improvement. Through my subsequent visits, my back pain has been tremendously relieved and it no longer hinders my day to day activities. Dr Luke is extremely easy going; has consistently been offering great advice and I thoroughly enjoy his treatment sessions.



Richard Ironside, Director
“I had been seeing a specialist for five years who was treating the past me for Rheumatoid Arthritis and decided to visit a Chiropractor, Dr. Luke Ho. He examined me and said before he would attempt to help me, he wanted me to have a lumbar X-ray. The X-ray revealed that I had Ankylosing Spondylitis, not R.A.

I have now visited his clinic every month, and the relief he brings to my neck and spine is truly amazing.

Yes, he is the best.”

Chen Yuling, Operations manager
还记得当初我是一拐一拐的走进Agape Chiropractic Clinic. 跌到后,我的脊椎盘突出,压到神经线导致脚麻痹。背部痛的要命,根本不能站直,也影响到工作和日常生活。我看了西医和中医三个月都看不好。西医专家还说我的情况不能好,一直劝我去动手术。我的同事知道我的问题后,建议我去找 Dr. Luke。结果看了Dr. Luke 四到五次,我渐渐的站直了。疼痛也慢慢减少了。这使我对Dr. Luke 很有信心。然后就继续回去复诊,最后Dr. Luke 使我回复了我的日常生活,也不必动手术了。Agape Chiropractic Clinic 是用心的帮助病人,不像一些还没看病人的诊所就推销五千块钱配套。Agape Chiropractic Clinic 的收费合理。我也不必签配套。Dr. Luke 还时不时与我分享一些保健知识。我的家人和朋友有时背部酸痛,我也会介绍他们给Dr. Luke 看看。如果你也有这方面的问题,我相信 Dr. Luke 一定能帮助你。Dr. Luke,谢谢您。”

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