Roland Hah, Productions Manager

Roland Hah, Productions Manager

Thanks Dr. Luke Ho

I was told that I have had a C4 injury since my army days.  Fearful of surgery, I went through all kinds of treatment to relieve the pain, like tui na, massages,  acupuncture, physiotherapy. This has been ongoing for almost 25 years but lately the pain became unbearable.  I couldn't even sleep in a bed.

One day my sister passed me a name card with Agape Chiropractic Clinic's contact details.

Dr. Ho found that I have three slipped discs instead of one slipped disc, and was told that I may need surgery if the pain persists. However,  I believe that it was a miracle, because one session with Dr. Ho and I could feel the difference.

I have since done 5 sessions with him and I can already sleep in a bed, and the pain and numbness has also reduced. Thank you Dr. Ho for giving me my life back, or should I say my bed back.


Roland Hah