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First Name: Joni
Last Name: Tan
Occupation:  Ballet Teacher
Email Address: [email protected]

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Being a ballet teacher means spending long hours on my feet; walking around the studio to check individual student's technique, bending or kneeling to correct them, and dancing to demonstrate exercises. I experienced various aches and pains through muscle imbalances, and I decided to try visiting Dr Luke based on a fellow dancer teacher's recommendation. The first visit felt like magic, with my range in motion increased by active release massage and manipulation. Dr Luke was able to explain my problems in simple terms, and I found my sessions with him very educational. He taught me exercises and taping techniques to help me strengthen weak areas, and has also generously given me advice on nutrition. If you're looking for a professional yet friendly and approachable chiropractor to help you with your injuries or various pain, Agape Chiropractic is the place to be!