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First Name: Albert
Last Name: Lee
Occupation:  Director
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I visited Dr. Luke on 15th August 2019. While he was "straightening me up" I shared with him about my trigger finger condition on my left hand and beginning of osteoarthritis condition on my left knee. Immediately Dr. Luke told me that he could treat my conditions with shock waves. He did so. It was painful but two days later I felt improvement on my left hand. I also visited my friend in the hospital and seeing me walk towards him he commented that I was walking better. I return to see Dr. Luke on 27 August 2019 for the shock wave treatment. A few days later the pain on my left hand lessen and this time I could bend all my fingers. On 3rd September 2019 I went for my third shock wave treatment. A few days later not only could I bend all my fingers but I could do so tightly without any pain. I am looking forward to my 4th treatment on 16th September 2019. I also continue to have the shock wave treatment on my left knee and had been walking a lot more without pain.