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Tan Yen Yen, Accountant
A really good friend recommended me to see Dr Luke to find relieve from a slipped disc and nerve pain. Dr Luke is a life saver! I was in so much pain that I had to hobble around painfully with a walking stick. After a few weeks of treatment with Dr Luke, my pain was much reduced and I could walk around without aid of a walking stick. I am thankful that Dr Luke was able to help me in my recovery. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends and family.”

David Jones, MMA Fighter
I was initially referred to Dr Luke through Genesis gym where I was undergoing rehabilitation for chronic patella tendonitis in 2010. This condition had caused me severe aggravation over the course of three years which had limited my ability to continue playing rugby competitively and even caused issues climbing down stairs.  Combined with the therapy I was receiving at Genesis, I was back playing rugby and squatting 160kg within 3 months.  Testament to the holistic approach that Dr Luke implements I have been back and forth with various injuries I have sustained through rugby and MMA since my first visit.  My wife is also a patient of Dr. Luke who frequently visited pre and post child birth.  This has helped tremendously with her lower back pain and spine misalignment.  I have recommended Dr. Luke to many of my friends and colleagues over the years all of who have had very good experience.”

Diana Danker Irvine, Homemaker
For many years I have been afflicted with neck and shoulder pains as well as lower back pain.  Sometimes the pain can be excruciating and gives me bad headaches and even affects my vision, making it quite difficult to get through the day without painkillers. Dr Luke Ho has enabled me, through the various techniques he applies on me, to eliminate the discomfort and pain I experience quite often and enable me to go through each day comfortably doing all the things I need to do. As I always say to him, whenever I leave his clinic I feel as if my body has been set free from a prison.

I would highly recommend Dr Luke Ho, Chiropractor Extraordinaire!”

Marina Yatsushiro, Professional Dancer

Ever since I hurt my back in 2013, I have been going to see Dr.Luke after my colleagues recommended me for his chiropractic treatment. He is very kind and fixes the problems perfectly. I can really rely on his treatment every time I go visit him.

Dr. Lukeには本当にお世話になっていて、いつも的確な治療をして頂いています。 ダンサーとして踊っていく中で、心から信頼出来る先生に出会えた事に感謝しています。

Roland Hah, Productions Manager

Thanks Dr. Luke Ho

I was told that I have had a C4 injury since my army days.  Fearful of surgery, I went through all kinds of treatment to relieve the pain, like tui na, massages,  acupuncture, physiotherapy. This has been ongoing for almost 25 years but lately the pain became unbearable.  I couldn’t even sleep in a bed.

One day my sister passed me a name card with Agape Chiropractic Clinic’s contact details.

Dr. Ho found that I have three slipped discs instead of one slipped disc, and was told that I may need surgery if the pain persists. However,  I believe that it was a miracle, because one session with Dr. Ho and I could feel the difference.

I have since done 5 sessions with him and I can already sleep in a bed, and the pain and numbness has also reduced. Thank you Dr. Ho for giving me my life back, or should I say my bed back.


Roland Hah


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